FMA Österreichische Finanzmarktaufsicht

Are you aware of malpractice or breaches of supervisory law in an organisation that is subject to supervision by the FMA?

To provide effective protection for whistleblowers a secure communications platform using the latest technologies has been launched to allow information to be reported anonymously using a certificate-based encryption process.

This service allows you to submit information in a way that is both anonymous and non-traceable, in relation to banks, insurance undertakings, pensions companies, the supervision of markets and stock exchanges, securities supervision, supervision of financial reporting, money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as the conducting of unauthorised business.

The FMA is unable to follow-up matters relating to tax law (e.g. reports on undeclared employment). In such cases you may contact the local tax offices, the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) and the regional health insurance funds.

We would ask you to set-up your own protected postbox, through which you will be able to communicate anonymously with us. Such a postbox is necessary to allow us to be able to clarify issues with you that arise during our investigations. By using the postbox, you make a substantial contribution towards the success of our investigation procedure.

Provided that you do not submit any information that allows information to be traced back to you, our whistleblowing system also protects your anonymity on a technical level in communications conducted using the postbox.

Enquiries and complaints cannot be processed through this system.

Why should I submit a report?
What reports help the Financial Market Authority?
What is the process for submitting reports, and how do I create a postbox?
How do I receive notification of a response while remaining anonymous?
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