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Krones Integrity Reporting System

KRONES wants to be perceived not only as a market and technology leader but also as a serious, credible and reliable partner – by customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders as well as authorities, institutions and the general public. This is one of the primary requirements for achieving our business objective of maintaining and expanding our market leadership.

To protect the integrity of the company and avert potential damage, KRONES is interested in learning about proven or suspected violations of laws or internal regulations. KRONES attaches great importance to an open company culture. It encourages employees and third parties who have become aware of compliance risks to approach points of contact within the company, e.g. executive staff, HR or the local Compliance Officer.

In addition, KRONES offers its employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners a secure whistleblower portal: the KRONES Integrity Reporting System. Report potential compliance violations here. This way, corresponding information can be delivered worldwide at any time, securely and confidentially. Submitted reports will be forwarded to the Corporate Governance Department of KRONES AG, which is responsible for the further confidential processing of the report.

The whistleblower portal serves the purpose of identifying and avoiding significant risks for the company. For this reason, only reports relating to severe compliance risks will be received and processed through this channel, particularly those belonging to the field of white-collar crime (e.g. acts of corruption), breaches of trust (e.g. theft), violations of antitrust law and data protection as well as violations of human rights and harmful behavior to the climate and the environment.

The existing culture of trust at KRONES constitutes the foundation of this system. For that reason, the whistleblower portal is to be used responsibly. A whistleblower is encouraged to only provide information whose correctness the whistleblower is convinced about to the best of its knowledge and belief.

Please note: This is not an emergency system. In case of acute danger, please contact the local police authority.
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