Lima Airport Partners, S.R.L.

LAP Integrity Channel

As Lima Airport Partners (LAP), we are looking forward on generating trust relationships with our Stakeholders. This relationship is built through integrity, this is why LAP makes this Integrity Channel available. With this tool you will be able to report any unethical situation within the airport community and thus express your concern confidentially.

There are many situations in which members of a company or other people close to us may be aware of irregular situations, however, they do not report them for fear of retaliation or because a leader or colleague is involved. How would they react if I report an irregular behavior?

In these cases, you can send an anonymous report or, if you preffer, you can include your contact information. What we are looking for is to offer the possibility of protecting yourself and have you participating within the investigation.

It is recommended that, by the time your report concludes, you create a protected mailbox through which you can track the status of your report and keep communication with us. To create the aforementioned mailbox you will need to remember your pseudonym and password.

Finally, keep in mind that any suspicion about a person can led to serious consequences for him. For this reason, all informants must use the Integrity Channel responsibly, maintaining social and ethical values. These should not be based on rumors, but on concrete acts. For this reason, the reports must contain, at least, the following information:

  • People involved in the case or people with knowledge of it.
  • Details of the facts of the case, including dates, that concern the employee.
  • Probative means that help prove the case. (If possible)

With your help, integrity and trust among all will be strengthened.

Why should I submit a report?
What kind of irregularities can be reported?
Which are the steps to report?
Is the Integrity Channel confidential?