ams-OSRAM – Menschenrechte
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Welcome to the Human Rights Notification System in “Tell ams OSRAM”

ams OSRAM respects the human rights of people affected by what we do, who we work with or by our products and services. We express this in our ams OSRAM Human Rights Policy and Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

We want to know if we affect people negatively. You should come forward if you feel you or others have been harmed in any way by anyone connected with ams OSRAM. Please also report if you see any risk of such harm. Anyone internal or external to ams OSRAM can raise a complaint.

We will not tolerate any threats or punishment to anyone who complains. We protect your privacy. You are free to complain anonymously. We encourage you to state your name when you submit a report so that we can address and resolve it more easily.

If you feel you or others have been harmed by ams OSRAM or anyone doing business with ams OSRAM, please use “Tell ams OSRAM” to report this. Please also report any risk of such harm so we can take prevention measures. Examples include: People being threatened, harassed or discriminated at work; environmental pollution; or, negative effects of our products or services on people.

“Tell ams OSRAM” is open to anyone who feels harmed or negatively affected by the activities of ams OSRAM or those doing business with ams OSRAM. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Employees of ams OSRAM, our suppliers, service providers and business partners (including temporary workers and contractors) in any country
  • Local communities around our sites and our suppliers' sites
  • End users of ams OSRAM products or services.
What can be reported?
How will my report be processed?
How can I receive feedback and still remain anonymous?