Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH Compliance

Compliance – We play fair

Compliance and integrity are of great importance in the MediaMarktSaturn. The management therefore requires all employees to act in accordance with current law, the company guidelines "Style & Practice", and corporate policies – at all times and places. Compliance is not negotiable for us!

This whistleblowing system has been established as a part of the group-wide MediaMarktSaturn Compliance system in order to receive reports about observed compliance violations within MediaMarktSaturn; it is accessible to employees of the MediaMarktSaturn and external third parties, e.g. customers or business partners.

The system generally allows for the anonymous reporting of incidents. MediaMarktSaturn prefers reporting persons to identify themselves, however, as this facilitates the fast and efficient handling of investigations. All reports are treated with the strictest confidentiality, and whistleblowers are protected as a matter of course.

Your report contributes to the economic success of the company and the preservation of jobs.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Management of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group

What kind of reports are helpful to the MediaMarktSaturn?
Why should I submit a report?
How will my report be processed, how do I set up a postbox?
How can I receive a reply, yet at the same time remain anonymous?