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Welcome to the Compliance Whistleblowing System

ams OSRAM can look back on a successful company history. Its success is based upon technological and innovation leadership, social responsibility and the integrity of its employees and management at all levels.

ams OSRAM is obliged to detect, resolve and react appropriately to any compliance offences. Lack of sensibility to the “compliance” issue can endanger the whole company.

Compliance means conformance with all legal guidelines, in addition to internal regulations based on these guidelines, whose violation can result in criminal or administrative sanctions. Compliance offenses can result in the loss of trust by employees, suppliers, customers and other business partners as well as loss of reputation for the company and the ams OSRAM brand.

The “Tell ams OSRAM“ system has been established as a means for ams OSRAM employees and external third parties to report compliance offenses (so-called “whistleblowing”).

Please consider that the information you report can have adverse effects on ams OSRAM employees, suppliers, customers and business partners. Therefore, you should only provide information if you are sure about its accuracy.

Any information you provide will be treated confidentially and therefore we would encourage you to state your name if you submit a report. Please note that “Tell ams OSRAM“ system offers you a secure communication platform using latest privacy technologies.

Why should I submit a report?
How will my report be processed?
How can I receive feedback and still remain anonymous?