Seves Compliance – Speak up!

Seves wants to further promote its reputation as an integer business partner offering not only high performance and quality of its products and services but also conducting its business always in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and pursuing highest ethical business standards. Integrity and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations are therefore of the highest priority at Seves.

In order to maintain the integrity of Seves and avert possible damaging situations, Seves is interested in identifying compliance violations. Since Seves values an open company culture, every employee and outside party who is aware of a compliance risk is encouraged to confide the situation to an appropriate contact within Seves, such as a supervisor, the human resources department, the Chief Compliance Officer or any of the local Compliance Representatives.

In addition, Seves offers its employees as well as its customers, suppliers and other business partners a secure reporting portal (“Integrity Line”) for providing information on possible severe compliance violations. The Integrity Line allows to share such information at any time and from anywhere in the world in a safe and confidential way. Reports submitted via the Integrity Line will be received by an external law-firm, which will try to clarify the relevant issue to the extent possible and then forward the information to the Chief Compliance Officer of Seves, who is responsible for further procedure (including initiating a possible formal investigation).

As we value open communication with our employees and business partners, we would like to encourage you to submit your report under your name. Regardless of this, even if you decide to submit your report anonymously, we would like to ask you to set up a secured postbox in the system. This will allow communication between the law-firm and yourself to clarify questions. Your information will always be handled with strict confidentiality.

The Integrity Line serves for the identification and avoidance of major risks for Seves. For this reason, only reports referring to severe compliance violations are accepted and processed here, particularly those involving corruptive practices, antitrust violations, fraud and other criminal issues.

Making accusations against a person can result in serious consequences for that person. Therefore, the Integrity Line should be used only in a responsible manner, and only such information should be shared which the reporting person to the best of his knowledge is convinced to be accurate.

In the interests of improved readability, the text of the Integrity Line uses only masculine pronouns, where applicable. Please understand that no discrimination is intended by this in any way.

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