Biesterfeld AG

Our value management,

based on our code of conduct, endeavours to create a value culture that is lived in practice and strengthens the self-responsibility of the organisation members beyond the compliance with laws and regulations.

This also includes the mutual prevention and combating behaviour that harms our company financially or with regard to its reputation.

Employees or other persons from the work environment are often aware of such violations, but they are afraid of sharing their knowledge because they fear reprisals: What if my direct supervisor or my colleague at the next desk is involved? Or: What impression do I leave by pointing out the corrupt behaviour of a “competitor”? Will anyone even believe me and look into my report?

If you have any such concern, you can submit your report in your own name or completely anonymously here. By providing this specially secured communication platform, the Biesterfeld Group allows you to protect yourself through anonymity while actively helping to expose crime. Whistleblowers who open a secured postbox after submitting their report signal that they are willing to answer questions.

Whistleblowers who report malpractice for ethical and moral reasons are not denunciators. They help greatly in protecting the social and legal values of our country. However, please bear in mind that the submission of information about others can lead to decisions that will have consequences for the affected parties. Only submit information that is correct and complete to the best of your knowledge. With your help, criminal activity can be discovered at an early stage, perpetrators can be caught and further damage can be prevented.

Please note that the BKMS® System of the Biesterfeld Group is not an emergency system and emergencies cannot be dealt with through this channel!

Why should I make a report?
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