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Join the Fight against Financial Crime and legal/ regulatory and internal Breaches!

The economic damage caused by financial criminal activities (for example fraud, theft, embezzlement, corruption) and other internal or legal/ regulatory misbehavior is constantly increasing. Along with immediate material losses, damage to the reputation can in extreme cases also threaten a company's existence and endanger jobs.

Commerzbank committed itself to fight such misbehavior. With regard to prevention and prosecution of such activities we depend on your assistance. In many cases reports from employees, clients or third parties have revealed such incidents and initiated an investigation and prosecution of these activities.

We therefore decided to introduce a standardised notification system in addition to the existing communication channels, for example via superiors, internal Audit or Compliance. The BKMS® System (Business Keeper Monitoring System) is an internet based application, which enables employees, clients and third parties to report financial criminal activities and unlawful / company damaging misbehavior (in favor of or against the bank) by name or anonymously out of ethical responsibility or moral conflict at any time of day.

Commerzbank has set up the BKMS® System to receive reports on financial criminal activities and breaches of legal, regulatory and internal requirements. Reports outside of this focus will not be handled by this system. The BKMS® System is not an emergency system (see also “What reports should be submitted via the system?”).

We value an open communication with our clients and employees and we therefore would like to encourage you to submit your report under your name. Regardless of this we would like to ask you to set up a secured postbox in the system. This will support communication and handling of your submitted report. Your information will be handled strictly confidential.

This internet-based system allows you to raise concerns freely and without fear of retaliation. Reports will be treated in a strictly confidential manner. Upon request, Commerzbank grants individuals having submitted a report to the bank via this system reasonable access to personal data that it received about them. In addition, the bank takes reasonable steps to permit these individuals to correct, amend, or delete data that is demonstrated to be inaccurate or incomplete.

Employees, clients and third parties who raise concerns need not fear harassment or retaliation. All concerns should be raised in good faith. Raising concerns “in good faith” means that an individual making a report believes that what he or she is asserting is true, whether or not subsequent investigation proves what they have asserted to be true. This system must not be abused by consciously submitting false or defamatory reports or information. Reports that are intended to denounce or defame other people against one's own better knowledge, will not be tolerated and may have personal consequences or may be prosecuted.

Please note: that you can only use the BKMS®-Portal on this internet webpage to submit reports for the below mentioned entity. For reports that concern other Commerzbank Group entities, subsidiaries or other international branches, please use the relevant BKMS®-Portal on the entity´s internet site or the links as listed on the Commerzbank Group internet site.

You can of course also submit your information by written letter to the address or fax number mentioned below.

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