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Join the Fight against Financial Crime and legal/ regulatory and internal Breaches!

Economic damage caused by financial crime (e.g. fraud, theft, embezzlement or corruption) and other internal or legal/ regulatory misbehavior is ever-increasing. Financial crime can also damage a company's reputation, and may even threaten its very existence.

Commerzbank is committed to fighting such misbehavior. To prevent and detect such activities we depend absolutely on the assistance of you. Reports from employees, clients or third parties do lead to the discovery of such activities, their investigation and prosecution.

We have therefore introduced an electronic reporting system for such reports. This supplements existing communication channels to managers, Internal Audit or Compliance. You can of course also submit your information by written letter to the address or fax number mentioned below.

The BKMS® System (Business Keeper Monitoring System) is an internet based application, which enables employees, clients and third parties to report financial crime and breaches of legal, regulatory and internal requirements (whether against, or within, the bank). And they can do this anonymously if needed.

To handle your report and any later communications, BKMS enables the set-up of a dedicated mailbox for you. (This can be made anonymous, though we do encourage you to submit your name if possible.) This will support communication and handling of your report. Your information will be handled with strict confidentiality.

Commerzbank has set up the BKMS® System for the reporting of financial crime and breaches of legal, regulatory and internal requirements. Reports outside of this focus should be handled through other channels. The BKMS® System is not an emergency system (see “What reports should be submitted via the system?”).

We will treat all reports received as being made in good faith. For your part, you must not use the mailbox to submit false reports or defamatory information. Reports consciously intended to make mischief, or to defame people, are not in the spirit of this process, and may have adverse personal consequences for you.

Please note: you should use the BKMS®-Portal on this internet webpage to submit reports only for the below-mentioned entities. For reports affecting other Commerzbank Group entities, please use the relevant BKMS®-Portal on that entity´s internet site, or see the links listed on the Commerzbank Group internet site.

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