CECONOMY AG, Group Compliance
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Compliance – keep clean

Compliance and integrity are of great importance in the CECONOMY AG. The management therefore requires all employees to act in accordance with current law, the company guidelines "Style & Practice", and corporate policies – at all times and places. Compliance is not negotiable for us!

This whistleblowing system has been established as a part of the group-wide CECONOMY AG Compliance system in order to receive reports about observed compliance violations within CECONOMY AG; it is accessible to employees of the CECONOMY AG and external third parties, e.g. customers or business partners.

The system generally allows for the anonymous reporting of incidents. CECONOMY AG prefers reporting persons to identify themselves, however, as this facilitates the fast and efficient handling of investigations. All reports are treated with the strictest confidentiality, and whistleblowers are protected as a matter of course.

Your report contributes to the economic success of the company and the preservation of jobs.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Management of CECONOMY AG

If you would like to send your first report, please click here:
If you have already set up a postbox, you may login here:
  • What kind of reports are helpful to the CECONOMY AG?

    Report violations of current laws, directives, or principles of conduct, such as:

    • Crimes such as corruption or fraud
    • Breaches of competition and antitrust law
    • Severe breaches of CECONOMY AG company guidelines

    Please keep in mind that any information you submit can lead to decisions that may have consequences for employees of the CECONOMY AG or third parties. For this reason, we ask you to only submit information that is correct and complete to the best of your knowledge.

    Please do not use this system to file complaints about our products or services.

  • Why should I submit a report?

    We want to set standards, not only based on competency, quality, and service – but also based on the way we act globally. This includes compliance with the ethical requirements set out in our company guidelines, values and legal requirements.

    Are you aware of any conduct that might cause damage to our company? If so, please file a report – either in person or through our whistleblowing system.

    We aim to protect you, the whistleblower, effectively by offering a protected communication platform for the submission of reports, either in your name or, if you wish, anonymously. You can actively help to solve a case by setting up an anonymous postbox.

  • How will my report be processed, how do I set up a postbox?

    If you wish to submit a report by name or anonymously, click the "Submit report" button on the top left of our introduction page.

    The reporting process consists of 4 steps:

    1. First of all, you will be asked to read an information text for the protection of your anonymity and to answer a security query.
    2. On the following page, you will be asked about the category of your report.
    3. On the report page, phrase your information in your own words and select answers to questions about the case. You may use up to 4,096 characters in the free-text field, which corresponds to a full DIN A4 page. You may also attach files up to 2 MB to support your report. Keep in mind that electronic documents may contain information about the author. After submitting your report you receive a reference number as proof that you submitted this report.
    4. Finally, you will be asked to set up your own secured postbox. You will receive feedback from us via this postbox, including answers to questions and information about the progress of your report.

    If you already have a secured postbox, you can access it directly via the "Login" button. You have to confirm the security query firstly here as well.

    As long as you do not enter or attach any data that could reveal your identity, the BKMS® Incident Reporting protects your anonymity by means of a certified technical solution.

  • How can I receive a reply, yet at the same time remain anonymous?
    The overriding principle of the BKMS® procedure used here is the protection of the whistleblower. The anonymity functionality has been certified by an independent certification body.

    When setting up your secured postbox, please select your own pseudonym/user name and password. Your report is kept anonymous through encryption and other special security routines. You will never be asked for personal information at any time during the reporting process. Do not enter any data that might facilitate knowledge as to your identity.

    Via the secured postbox, an examiner of CECONOMY AG will provide you with feedback on what is happening with your information or pose questions if details still need to be clarified - you will also remain anonymous during the dialogue.

  • Data Protection Information

    We take data protection and confidentiality very seriously and adhere to the current national and European data protection regulations. Please read the following information about data protection carefully before submitting a report.

    Information about the whistleblowing system

    The whistleblowing system is operated in Germany by Business Keeper AG on behalf of CECONOMY AG.

    Personal data and information entered into the whistleblowing system is stored in a database operated by Business Keeper AG, Bayreuther Straße 35, 10789 Berlin. Only CECONOMY AG and their shareholders have access to the data. Neither Business Keeper AG nor any other third parties have access to the data.

    All data is encrypted, password-protected, and stored in a secure location. This ensures that access is limited to a very close circle of explicitly authorised persons within CECONOMY AG.

    The use of the whistleblowing system is entirely voluntary. Please note that we can only receive and examine reports if you confirm that you have read and understood this information about data protection and agreed to the processing of all personal data entered by you in accordance with the present data protection information.

    We collect the following personal data and information when you submit a report using the whistleblowing system:

    Your name, provided you choose to disclose your identity; whether or not you are an employee of CECONOMY AG; and, if applicable, names or other personal data of persons mentioned in your report.

    Submitted reports are received by specially trained employees of the CECONOMY AG Compliance department and always treated confidentially. These employees within the Compliance department examine the circumstances and, if necessary, conduct further investigations relating to the case.

    Within the context of the examining of a report or within the scope of a special investigation, it may become necessary to forward reports to other employees of CECONOMY AG, e.g. when the report relates to occurrences within subsidiaries. The latter may be based in countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area with different regulations about the protection of personal data. We always ensure compliance with the relevant data protection legislation when forwarding reports.

    Every person who receives access to the data is obliged to maintain confidentiality.

    Principles of data protection

    Purpose limitation

    CECONOMY AG may only use personal data for the purposes for which it was originally collected, or to which the person in question has agreed subsequently. CECONOMY AG is furthermore obliged to take measures to ensure that personal data is used exclusively for the intended purpose and kept correct, complete, and up to date.

    Information about the incriminated person

    CECONOMY AG is obliged to provide affected persons with access to personal data stored about them. In addition, the persons must be given the opportunity to correct, change or clear data that is incorrect. Your identity, i.e. that of the whistleblower, will not be disclosed. These rights can only be granted if this does not endanger the execution of investigative measures.

    Information, correction, deletion, and closure

    You and the persons named in the report have the right to information, correction, deletion, and closure of personal data and can revoke the storage of personal data at any time without giving reasons. In this case, the necessity of the stored data for the examination of a report will be evaluated immediately. Data that is no longer required will be deleted immediately.


    CECONOMY AG stores reports for as long as this is necessary to carry out follow-up measures, or if a justifiable interest exists, or if their storage is required by law. Reports are subsequently deleted or anonymised, i.e. any links to your identity as a whistleblower and to persons named in the report will be removed permanently and irreversibly.