Deutsche Bahn AG, Compliance, Berlin

Working together against corruption and economic crime, as well as human rights violation and environmental damage

Help us fight corruption and economic crime, as well as human rights violation and environmental damage. Every indication of possible crimes and other reportable violations is important and helps to prevent losses. With your support, we can effectively safeguard the dependability and integrity of our group, thereby also ensuring our success.

In order to guarantee accessibility to every employee of our group as well as our business partners and customers regardless of time or place, this electronic whistleblower system was installed as a supplement to the existing reporting channels, such as DB Group Compliance or the attorney of trust. Here, you can report situations with inclusion of your name or on an anonymous basis.

We have established this whistleblower system for reporting on topics that are especially concerned with corruption, economic crimes, human rights violations and environmental damages. Reports that refer to topics outside of these categories will not be further pursued via this system.

This whistleblower system may not be used to knowingly submit false or slanderous statements or information. Reports that denounce other persons or defame them against better judgement can give rise to consequences under civil or criminal law.

We would like to expressly encourage you to include your name when submitting your report. Whether you do so or not, we ask that you establish a secured postbox. This simplifies your communication with us. Your reports will be handled strictly confidentially.

You can find additional information in this regard on this page under "Data protection information".

Why should I submit a report?
What kinds of reports can I submit?
How will my report be processed? What is a postbox and how do I open one?
How can I receive feedback and still remain anonymous?