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United against risk – for the protection of our company

Dear Sir or Madam,

The EUROPART compliance system aims to ensure that the laws, codices, and internal regulations of our company are being observed at all times. We have introduced guidelines such as the EUROPART Code of Conduct in order to clarify our expectations and contribute to the prevention of violations. This set of rules contains binding minimum standards pertaining to legal and ethical conduct for all employees and our code of conduct for handling corruption.

The whistleblowing system, the homepage of which you are now accessing, is another building block of our compliance system. This portal allows employees, clients, suppliers, and other external partners to report illegal behaviour (e.g. anti-competitive violations, corruption, etc.) or questionable processes in their environment to us, or to highlight behaviour that is not in line with our codes or guidelines.

This specially secured communication platform is made available by an external provider specialised in handling sensitive information securely and confidentially. It enables you to contact a trusted attorney 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location in the world – and to actively contribute to the safety of our company.

You are free to state your name or remain anonymous. Your information will, in each case, be treated with strict confidentiality and examined promptly. No member of the EUROPART staff (including the management, HR department, Internal Auditing, Compliance, etc.) will have access to your direct e-mail or e-mail address. Your will be contacting an external law office independent of EUROPART. Of course, you will still be able to use our regular channels of communication (via the Compliance department or managerial staff).

The conscientiousness and vigilance of each individual company member can help us promote transparency and integrity at EUROPART. Help us protect our company from damaging behaviour.

With best regards,
Jens Brahm, Head of Legal

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