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Compliance – we take responsibility

Thanks to our position of an internationally operating family business with a long-standing tradition, the Festo Group enjoys an excellent reputation among its business partners and employees. We value integrity and have high standards for ethical, lawful conduct. We acknowledge our responsibility towards our business partners and our employees around the world.

Your reports are important!

The Festo Group scores points for innovation, quality, and performance – characteristics that strengthen the trust of employees and business partners in its credibility and integrity. Festo has an excellent reputation with the general public and its various business partners. The protection of this trust, integrity, and reputation by means of perfectly ethical and lawful conduct is a top priority for Festo. To protect these characteristics of Festo and avert potential damage to the company, learning about compliance violations is an important concern. Festo places great importance in an open, value-oriented company culture. It encourages employees and third parties who have become aware of compliance risks and, in particular, detected compliance violations to approach points of contact within the company, e.g. executive staff, HR, the Chief Compliance Officer, or the local Compliance Officer.

Festo further offers its employees, customers, suppliers, and other business partners a secure way of reporting potentially severe compliance violations: its secured whistleblowing portal, the BKMS®System. This channel of communication allows for the submission of relevant information worldwide, at any time, securely, and confidentially. Submitted reports will be forwarded to the Compliance department of Festo AG & Co. KG, which is managed by the Chief Compliance Officer and responsible for the further, confidential processing of the report.

The whistleblowing portal helps with the detection and prevention of severe compliance risks to the company, especially risks that are harmful to business. For this reason, only reports relating to severe compliance risks will be received and processed through the whistleblowing portal, particularly those belonging to the field of white-collar crime (e.g. acts of corruption), antitrust law, data protection, and breaches of the Festo code of conduct.

Denouncing another person can lead to serious consequences for the affected party. It is therefore of paramount importance that the whistleblowing portal is used responsibly, and never abused for the submission of insulting, libellous, or otherwise decrying reports that disadvantage another person (e.g. an employee/colleague) without any incriminating facts. A whistleblower is encouraged to only provide information whose correctness the whistleblower is convinced about to the best of its knowledge and belief. Knowingly submitting false information can result in prosecution under criminal and labour laws.

For simplifying the readability, this portal does not make separate reference to male or female employees, but when referring to "employee", both genders are included and treated as a synonym. No discrimination is intended in any way.

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