Gerresheimer AG

Harmful behaviour at the workplace affects us all!

Gerresheimer strives for excellence and a high level of quality in order to strengthen the trust of employees, shareholders and business partners in the Gerresheimer group. Integrity and legally compliant behaviour are therefore of the utmost priority at Gerresheimer.

To protect the integrity of Gerresheimer and to avert potential damage to the company, Gerresheimer is interested in learning about compliance violations. If possible, however, you should take your concerns first to people in your immediate working environment, such as your supervisor, the company management, the human resources department or the works council.

In addition, Gerresheimer offers its employees as well as its customers, suppliers and other business partners a secure whistleblowing portal for submitting reports of possible serious compliance violations. This portal allows reports to be submitted at any time and from anywhere in the world, either by name or anonymously, provided that anonymous reporting is permitted according to the respective national laws. Submitted reports will be forwarded to the Compliance department of Gerresheimer AG, which is responsible for the further confidential processing of the report.

The whistleblowing portal serves to identify and avoid significant risks for Gerresheimer. For this reason, only information that refers to serious compliance violations (such as acts of corruption, violations of competition laws, fraud and inaccurate accounting) shall be accepted and processed. If you have information concerning general topics of employment law, we ask that you take your concerns in confidence to the competent contact persons in your company, such as your supervisor, the human resources department or the values representative.

Casting suspicion on another person can lead to serious consequences for that person. For that reason, the whistleblowing portal is to be used responsibly. A whistleblower is encouraged to only provide information that the whistleblower is convinced is correct. This whistleblowing portal may not be used to knowingly submit false or slanderous statements or information.

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