Clean sport is the norm. Equal opportunities and fairness are values worth standing up for. Maybe you have a suspicion that suggests these values may be threatened?

Even if it is only a hunch, it could be an important piece of information!

„But I didn't really see it...“
„But they'll know that I've blown the whistle on them...“
„But I've only heard about it...“
„But I don't really want to be a snitch...“
„But it wasn't an athlete...“
„But I don't even know if it's worth mentioning...“

This is the only way to discover structures, solve misunderstandings, identify ringleaders and expose crooks.

Reports submitted through this portal are anonymous and treated with strict confidentiality. The provision of this especially secured communication platform allows you to protect yourself through anonymity while simultaneously make an active contribution to the identification of anti-doping rule violations or criminal behaviour. Each and any hint can be the decisive last part of the jigsaw puzzle!

SPEAK UP and don't allow others to ruin your sport.

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