T-Mobile Polska S.A.

Transparency and compliance with laws, rules and values are requirements for responsible conduct

T-Mobile Polska S.A. (T-Mobile Polska) is committed to the main statutory and legal regulations for Polish companies, as well as to internationally and domestically accepted standards of responsible corporate management.

All employees, but also business partners, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders who wish to report possible violations of internal Company policies, laws or rules of conduct can submit their messages here. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed in all cases.

With our portal we try to keep the consequences of misconduct and breaches of the law to a minimum. We are counting on your responsible contribution as a representative of a stakeholder group or as an employee of T-Mobile Polska. Please report any potentially damaging behavior to us, e.g., behavior that may lead to damage to assets or T-Mobile Polska reputation. Please make sure that you are not breaching any data privacy regulations that may apply to you when you make use of this reporting system. Before you submit any tip-offs, please bear in mind that the information you are providing could have serious consequences for the people involved.

Please use the anonymous online form only in exceptional cases!
The anonymous web form should only be used if you fear submitting a non-anonymous tip-off would have serious negative consequences for you personally, e.g., under labor law or consequences of a social nature.

Please do not use this system for customer enquiries or complaints, or to ask questions about products or services provided by T-Mobile Polska. They will not be processed by this portal.

Protecting your anonymity
The system protects your anonymity technically provided you do not enter any information that makes it possible to identify you. We are interested in your tip-offs to clear up incidents, not in you personally.

Why should I submit a report?
What cases can I report?
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