Zentrale Staatsanwaltschaft zur Verfolgung von Wirtschaftsstrafsachen und Korruption

Please help us to clarify serious crimes in the field of economic crime and corruption. We protect your anonymity.

Please bear in mind that the system is not suitable for reporting emergency cases. In cases of imminent danger please contact the general emergency services.

The Office of Prosecution for Economic Crime and Corruption (Wirtschafts- und Korruptionsstaatsanwaltschaft) only deals with the reports during regular office hours.

Crimes in the field of economic crime and corruption seriously damage organisations as well as society as a whole. In many cases a few perpetrators enrich themselves at the expense of many victims.

Therefore, there are enough reasons to actively participate in the prosecution of criminal acts and through this defend a trustworthy economy and public administration.

In this fight, prosecution offices and police usually also depend on the information of responsible citizens. Often individual persons shy away from divulging information due to their fear of personal disadvantages.

This protected communication platform serves to allay these doubts. Reports can be submitted anonymously and without being traceable. Please set up a secured postbox after reporting. This way the prosecution office, unlike in the case of other anonymous reports, has the possibility to further establish the circumstances by directly asking you questions, in order to take appropriate and successful investigative measures.

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