Umdasch AG

Together, we can protect our company
against risks

Our business conduct is characterised by a sense of responsibility and the highest ethical principles. This is the basis we rely on when it comes to sustainably strengthening the market position and the ability to compete of the Umdasch Group. Moreover, we want the Umdasch Group to be a company which you as an employee can be proud of and which treats all of its external partners with profound integrity.

The values reflected in our Corporate Policy and the Code of Conduct help us make the right decisions and always be a fair, trustworthy and open-minded partner when cooperating with both our colleagues and our external partners. The Code of Conduct is a summary and specification of our principles and guidelines for acting responsibly and with integrity.

But taking over responsibility also means that every individual feels responsible for his or her actions. This entails that the employees of the Umdasch Group abide by the laws applicable to their area of work as well as existing internal guidelines and rules (e.g. the Code of Conduct) at all times.

To maintain the integrity of the Umdasch Group and to prevent potential damage – and especially in the interest of our external partners – the Umdasch Group strives to learn about verifiable or alleged violations of laws, the Code of Conduct or other internal guidelines and rules. For this reason, all employees and external partners are called upon to report compliance violations.

While the Umdasch Group prefers that such reports be directly addressed to the respective superior or the company headquarters (compliance officers), we also offer this whistle-blower platform for pointing out grave violations of compliance rules.

As we want to effectively protect whistle-blowers, we offer you a communication platform secured by the newest technologies, enabling you to also make anonymous reports. You will also be able to actively participate in clearing up issues by setting up a secure postbox.

Please keep in mind, however, that accusing somebody of illicit conduct can have serious consequences for this person and that individuals intentionally making untruthful statements can be prosecuted under criminal and labour law. For this reason, you are asked to use this communication platform in a truly responsible manner.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support and considerate cooperation!

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