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Reports cannot be traced back to their origin.

Wiener Stadtwerke GmbH

Welcome to the whistleblowing platform of the Wiener Stadtwerke!

Do you wish to report a breach of compliance? The Wiener Stadtwerke has joined many other companies in offering a dedicated whistleblowing platform for this purpose. You can already use the whistleblowing platform to submit reports concerning other parts of the Group. They will be forwarded to the competent compliance officer. Please refer to the individual websites to find out which compliance officer will be responsible for your report.

“The Wiener Stadtwerke Group is the largest provider of infrastructure in Vienna. It enjoys an excellent reputation, which our employees have worked hard to establish over a long period of time. They have gained the trust of the public by consistently meeting the highest standards of social conduct. To sustain our good reputation and the confidence of our clients and suppliers, we must always do our business in a morally flawless, lawful manner.”

Sensitive, diligent investigation

This secured section allows you to report your observations anonymously to a professional authority. You can rest assured that your report will reach the right contact and be treated with great diligence and respect of data sensitivity. We will investigate all reports.

Prevent damage to the company

Misconduct on the part of individual employees can incur high penalties or damage the reputation of the company. The Wiener Stadtwerke adheres to a code of conduct for all its business matters to prevent such damage. All employees of the Group are obliged to abide by the rules specified in the code of conduct and report any violations thereof.

Consequences of deliberately false reports

This whistleblowing platform must not be abused to cause difficulties to innocent employees. The innocent have nothing to fear. There is no point in deliberately submitting false reports. Anyone caught doing so will have to bear the consequences. Please refrain from using this system as a platform for complaints. If you wish to submit a complaint, refer to our internal and external websites to find the right channel.

Postbox for easier processing

Purposeful communication with our employees, clients and suppliers is important to us. You can submit reports in your own name or anonymously. All reports are handled in strict confidence. You can set up a secure postbox that is only accessible to you, regardless of whether or not you choose to disclose your identity. This will help the investigation: the compliance officer might have follow-up questions or ask you to clarify certain aspects of your report.

Please submit a report if you notice anything suspicious. Do not submit unnecessary reports. If we work together, violations of laws and regulations will stand no chance at the Wiener Stadtwerke. This benefits you, our company and its clients.

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