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For the protection of our company and employees

Another way of seeking advice and reporting significant violations

The WashTec Group is dedicated to responsible and sustainable company management. Integrity and legally compliant behaviour are of the highest priority at the WashTec Group.

Compliance, i.e. the adherence to laws, regulations, company-internal guidelines and the WashTec code of conduct and ethics, is a necessary requirement for the success of our company. Malpractice and violations of the legal and internal regulations and the code of ethics will not be tolerated.

This electronic whistleblowing system is available to employees as well as outside parties to report possible compliance violations. You can use it to submit the report confidentially and, if you wish, anonymously. You can also use the system, if you seek advice in compliance questions.

This portal (BKMS® System) is an external system that is operated independently of the WashTec IT infrastructure. The technical provider, EQS Group AG, specialises in handling confidential information, but does not have access to your report. Reports submitted to the BKMS® System are processed by an employee of the Legal and Internal Audit departments in Augsburg.

Because we strive for open communication with our employees and external parties, we would like to encourage you to disclose your identity when submitting a report. This will make it easier to clarify the circumstances. Your information will, in any case, be treated with strict confidentiality. We will pursue all reports without delay and initiate appropriate measures, if required.

Of course, you are free to address your concerns to your familiar contacts in the company (e.g. your supervisor, the works council, HR, the Legal or Internal Audit departments) instead.

Use the whistleblowing system responsibly. Only submit information you believe to be correct to the best of your knowledge. All employees, supervisors and business partners have a right to being treated fairly.

Thank you for your support!

WashTec AG Board of management

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