Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht

With your information, you help to secure the integrity of the financial market!

In monitoring banks, insurance companies and financial service providers, BaFin relies heavily on the sharing of information by whistleblowers. People who hold special internal company knowledge have a very special role to play. Either because they are employed at the company or otherwise are in a contractual relationship or position of trust with respect to the company.

Concrete reports are important and can help stop violations of supervisory laws and prevent the negative consequences of such malpractices.

You have an important part to play in the identification of violations of supervisory laws. You can make valuable contributions to discovering the malpractices of individuals or entire companies within the financial sector and dampening or correcting the negative consequences of such malpractices. However, you should rest assured that no disadvantages will result for you from your report to BaFin.

A standardised whistleblowing system is provided to you here that guarantees you absolute anonymity. The guarantee of anonymity by the system has been certified by a publicly appointed and sworn expert. It is not technically possible to identify you as the whistleblower as long as you do not enter any data yourself that allows conclusions to be drawn about your identity. More information about the whistleblowing system can be found in the internet at www.business-keeper.com.

Consumer complaints and general enquiries submitted via the whistleblowing system will not be processed.

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