Befesa Management Service GmbH

Befesa is committed to serving our customers needs and sustainable, profitable growth. The management believes that this can only be achieved if we all are focused upon integrity, high moral values and respect for sound environmental, social and governance practices so that Befesa is recognized as a reliable business partner. We must at all times fully respect all applicable laws / regulations and the environment in which we operate in.

We are dealing with a continuously changing and more complex environment. We each carry a responsibility to ensure that laws and regulations are strictly observed in all of our business dealings. As a result, the management board of Befesa is fully determined to further develop Befesa's compliance management framework.

One component of our compliance system is the whistleblower portal and telephone call number, of which this is the start page. This portal offers an opportunity for employees, customers, suppliers and other external partners to notify us of illegal behavior such as anticompetitive practices, breach of environmental regulations, harassment, corruption and discrimination as well as dubious activities in their environment or behavior that does not conform to our codes or guidelines.

This secured communication platform is administered by an external provider who is specialized in confidential handling of sensitive information. Here, you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make an active contribution to protecting our company.

You may choose to submit your report anonymously or to include your name. Since we endeavor to maintain open communication with our employees, members and partners, we would be pleased if you reveal your identity and encourage to do so. In all cases, your information will be handled promptly and in the strictest confidentiality. Naturally, the established reporting paths via the compliance department remain open to you.

Each employee has a responsibility to read and understand the laws, regulations, internal policies and guidelines that apply to Befesa.

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