BuyIn S.A.

Unethical and illegal behaviour affects us all!

Unethical behaviour does not just damage our company, but society as a whole. We want to play our part in working within an ethical and legally-conforming environment. This is why we have set up this portal.

We need your support during this process! For this reason, please do not hesitate to inform us about irregularities. By this we do not just mean cases of corporate crime or other cases of fraud, but also unethical behaviour at BuyIn itself or BuyIn's environment (inacceptable working conditions, discrimination…).

We will protect you effectively as a whistleblower and offer you a communication platform for the provision of anonymous messages using the latest technology. At the same time you can actively participate in solving the problem if you wish so by communicating with us. This communication can remain completely anonymous since you will be given the facility for setting up a protected postbox at the end of your report.

Your information can help to uncover criminal and unethical activities at an early stage, and to uncover offenders who are preventing progress. Many thanks for your help!

Why should I submit a report?
Which incidents can be reported?
How will my report be processed? What is a postbox and how do I open one?
How do I get feedback but still remain anonymous?