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Uncovering illegal activity – in the interest of our company

The task of the Compliance organization in the FMG Group is to ensure compliance with the general legal provisions and internal company regulations among the company management, managers, and employees of Flughafen München GmbH and the Group subsidiaries. In particular, the goal is to prevent criminal conduct within the company that could create economic damage because it affects the company’s property and assets. Criminal conduct by managers and employees also threatens the company’s image and good reputation. In general, the aim is to avoid unfair practices of all kinds that can result in economic damage and harm the company’s good reputation. Furthermore, criminal conduct by business partners that could harm FMG is also to be uncovered or prevented.

You are currently on the start page of one of the main building blocks of the Flughafen München Group’s compliance system: the whistleblower portal. This system can be used by employees, business partners and others to inform us about illegal, particularly criminal, conduct such as corruption, theft and fraud, anti-competitive agreements in awarding contracts, or other unfair schemes and questionable activities in the whistleblower’s environment that can harm Flughafen München GmbH and/or a subsidiary, either financially or in terms of its reputation.

You can submit your report under your own name or completely anonymously. By providing this specially secured communication platform, Flughafen München GmbH gives you the ability to protect yourself by remaining anonymous, while still actively helping to investigate criminal conduct.Whistleblowers can set up a protected mailbox after submitting their report if they are willing to answer further questions.

Naturally, other means of communication are still open to you. As a customer or supplier, you can also get in touch with your contact partner at FMG / the subsidiary, or the contact partner’s supervisor. As an employee, you can contact your supervisor or the Works Council. You can also confide in the Compliance Officer (Anti-Corruption Officer) for the FMG Group via letter, email, verbally or by telephone. The Compliance Officer’s contact information is located in the footer below. In this case too, your information will be kept completely confidential.

Whistleblowers who report a grievance for ethical or moral reasons are not informers. They play an important role in preventing damage and protecting societal and constitutional values. However, please do consider that information you provide about others may lead to decisions that have consequences for these people. Therefore, please only provide us with information that is correct to the best of your knowledge. That will allow us to uncover criminal activities at an early stage, identify the offenders and prevent further damage from occurring.

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