Fraport TAV

Our Values Management System

is aimed at the establishment of an active values- orientated culture. It is targeted on strengthening the self-responsibility of our employees, which goes beyond the formal compliance with laws and regulations.

This also includes a collective spirit of preventing and fighting that kind of behavior, which harms the company financially and its reputation.

Often employees or individuals of the surrounding environment are aware of the harmful behavior, but - out of fear of reprisals - do not dare to tell somebody about it:” Perhaps the direct supervisor or the colleague from the opposite desk is also involved?” Or: “How bad or well will my warnings against the corrupt behavior of a "fellow competitor" be accepted? Who will believe me in any case and will my hints be tracked at all?”

To counteract any doubts of this kind, you can hand in your note either by name or completely anonymously. In providing this specially secured communication platform, Fraport TAV offers you self-protection in staying anonymous. At the same time you are playing an active part in the clarification of criminal behavior. Therefore, if you are open for questions, please install a post box at the end of your report. This way we are able to communicate with you on an anonymous basis. We recommend you to install an anonymous postbox for operating of the system regularly and fast. Only you can access to your anonymous postbox and your identity will keep confidential unless you give your personal information.

Individuals who report harmful acts out of ethical and moral reasons are not squealers. On the contrary, you help substantially in preserving the social and constitutional values of our country.

However, please keep in mind that your statements about others can lead to decisions that could have consequences for these people. Therefore, we ask you to only provide us with information that is correct in accordance with your best knowledge.

Your help makes it possible to detect criminal activities at an early stage, identify delinquents and consequently prevent further damage.

We appreciate your cooperation and courage.

Fraport TAV

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