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Welcome to Tell Us!

The compliance with laws as well as company-internal rules and regulations has always been extremely important to Optimal AG & Co. KG.

This portal is an opportunity for you as an employee – as well as our customers, suppliers and other parties – to report concrete information about violations of the law or other illegitimate behaviour.

With your report, you contribute to the discovery and future prevention of serious violations of laws or company internal regulations of Optimal AG & Co. KG. We therefore ask that you use this portal only for the categories listed in the following pages.

„Violations of laws and regulations can seriously impact our image and future. Every report assists us in discovering risks at an early point in time and taking preventive measures.
Do your part, use Tell Us!“

Please consider that statements you make (about others) may lead to decisions that could have consequences for other persons. We ask that you only submit information that is correct and true to the best of your knowledge.

Are you seeking advice in this regard, or are you unsure whether your information involves a compliance incident? You can also send in inquiry to our compliance officers at any time. Please use the category “Compliance inquiries” for this purpose.

Here, you can learn how we handle the information you have provided to us by name or anonymously via the whistleblowing system and how we ensure that your identity as whistleblower is handled confidentially and – insofar as permitted by law – not disclosed.

We recommend that you make use of this portal anonymously.

What is compliance and how can I help with a report via Tell Us! ?
Which cases can I report?
How do I remain anonymous?
How can I communicate with the company after a report?
Does a report have negative consequences for me (as submitter)?