BKA - Meldestelle Sportmanipulation

Uncovering manipulation in sports – submit reports confidentially! Do your part, EVEN ANONYMOUSLY!

Sports betting fraud and the manipulation of sports competitions, in other words influencing the course of a sports competition, – potentially in connection with the placement of a related bet (match fixing) – threatens the integrity of the sport and thereby also the trust in fair sporting competition. Groups of criminals acting internationally can obtain significant illegal income through manipulation agreements that can impact any type of sport.

Your report, which may involve any type of sport, is an important contribution to protecting the integrity of sports and to prevent illegal income as well as financial damages.

Your reports will be handled confidentially! The provision of this specially secured, internet-based communication platform allows you to protect yourself through anonymity while simultaneously making an active contribution to the recognition and resolution of manipulations in sports.

Your information will only be shared with the law enforcement authorities with your explicit consent – and this can even take place anonymously, if desired.

In emergencies or cases of acute danger:

Emergencies and acute dangers cannot be reported via the whistleblowing system. We ask you to report such incidents directly your local police station or to call the emergency number 110.

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