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Compliance@Würth – Do your part!

The corporate culture of the Würth Group is based on mutual trust, accountability, honesty and directness, both internally and externally. Fighting against criminal and illegal conduct is of great importance to us.

This portal is an opportunity for all employees, customers, suppliers and other parties to report concrete information about violations of the law or other illegitimate behaviour.
The BKMS® Reporting System is based on an externally-managed company communication platform. This platform makes it possible for you to submit reports anonymously. Setting up a secured postbox allows you to communicate about your report with the case processor while safeguarding your anonymity. Naturally, your reports will also be handled in a strictly confidential manner if you indicate this when entering your name.

The purpose of this portal, in addition to the already existing instruments on hand for recognising and avoiding risk, is to uncover and avoid serious violations of the law or corporate guidelines which disadvantages the Würth Group. Therefore we kindly ask you to please only use this portal for reports of violations which are indicated on the following topics page.

We give you our heartfelt thanks for your help in protecting our company from potentially damaging conduct.

Why should I submit a report?
What kind of report is useful for our group?
How does a report work, how do I set up a postbox?
How can I receive an answer, yet at the same time remain anonymous?