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Dear user, please note the following:

Since March 16, 2018 Siemens Healthineers is a stock-listed company and therefore has established its own Whistleblower Hotline “Let Us Know”. In case you want to send a Siemens Healthineers related report please use the following link:

Siemens Gamesa has implemented the Whistleblower system called “Integrity Hotline”. In case you want to send a Siemens Gamesa related report please use the following link:

Siemens Energy has implemented the Whistleblower system called “Speak Up”. In case you want to send a Siemens Energy related report please use the following link:


Our actions with respect to colleagues, business partners, shareholders and the public are characterized by integrity and responsibility. Siemens does not tolerate any violations of applicable laws or the Siemens Business Conduct Guidelines (compliance).

With the communication channel "Tell Us", Siemens offers the opportunity to report specific information concerning suspected compliance violations. Technical administration of Tell Us is maintained by the independent company EQS Group AG, and the application is stored on secured servers in Germany. The examination of the content is performed exclusively by Siemens.

  • The information you provide will be handled in strict confidentiality and only shared with the parties responsible for further examination of the report. More information on the handling of the personal data that you share via Tell Us can be found here. Siemens encourages you to disclose your identity.
  • The information you report can lead to the initiation of internal investigations as well as investigations by public authorities and other consequences. For this reason, only share information that is true to the best of your knowledge. There will be significant consequences for the knowing submission of false or misleading information. The knowing dissemination of false information is a criminal offence in many countries. Reports made in good faith and to your best knowledge will not result in any negative action by the company.
  • Please note: Tell Us is not an emergency service! Please do not use this service to report an immediate threat to life, health or property since this communication channel is not designed to receive such information. If necessary, inform the competent authorities or the competent internal security department.
  • Do not provide us with any information if doing so is a criminal offence according to the laws of your country. This applies in particular in connection with the sharing of state secrets.
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