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Anti-Corruption and Integrity – I Care!

We at SOS Children's Villages International are committed to fighting corruption and to data privacy. We protect not only the data of the people entrusted to us but also funds and resources, and in doing so, we also contribute to fairness and social peace within the communities we operate. Actively fighting corruption and compliance with data privacy is essential for developing, maintaining, and strengthening trust at all levels – one of our four core values that guide our actions and decisions.

A data privacy breach occurs, for example, when personal data is accessed by unauthorised persons. If you have knowledge of a data privacy breach at SOS Children's Villages International, please report it to us. We will immediately follow up on your report in accordance with our legal obligation. Therefore, please also submit a report if you are not sure whether a data privacy breach has actually occurred.

This online whistleblowing channel enables anybody to raise concerns on suspected corruption and data privacy breaches in a secure and fully anonymised way. Each individual report will be reviewed by the Anti-Corruption and Asset Protection Team and followed up by designated SOS staff.

We are committed to protecting whistleblowers:

  • If you report in good faith, believing the submitted information to be true, you will not face any negative consequences, even if your initial suspicion cannot be confirmed. However, anyone who deliberately submits a false report, will face legal consequences.
  • We encourage you to identify yourself (give your name) in the report. Disclosing your identity facilitates an efficient review and follow-up. Of course, you can also report anonymously. Either way, all information provided will be handled in a confidential manner.

Thank you very much for taking the time to submit a report. Let us all continue to work together to ensure that all funds and resources entrusted to us are used wisely, with respect and accountability.

Thank you that You Care!

Your Anti-Corruption and Asset Protection Team
SOS Children's Villages International

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