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Let us keep children safe!

SOS Children's Villages cares for you, be it in an SOS Children's Village or somewhere else where you live. It may also include supporting you at school, vocational training or providing you with medical treatment.

Sometimes, people may unintentionally or intentionally and wilfully cause harm to children. Therefore you might witness or experience an SOS co-worker or another person

  • beating you or another child or young person as a form of punishment.
  • not providing you or another child or young person who is sick with necessary treatment.
  • abusing you, another child or young person to satisfy his or her sexual desire. This may include also taking nude pictures of a child or showing dirty images.
  • neglecting you or another child or young person by not providing enough food or clean clothes.

Whenever you witness or experience something like that, the right thing to do is to inform someone from SOS Children's Villages who you trust. If due to any reasons you don't want to do that, you can still inform us directly by this channel. We are a small team of adults at the International Office and we will reply to you. You can tell us by clicking on the “Tell us!” button on the left. We will then ask you a few simple questions to describe what you know.

  • You do not need to tell us your name if you do not want to
  • Don't worry - whatever you tell us will only be read by us at the International Office, no one else has access to this inbox.

Do you have more questions? Click on the two questions on the left, where we explain everything you need to know.

One more thing…
Sometimes people are not honest and try to benefit from SOS support which is not meant for them. If you think that something like this happens, click here and tell us.

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