Legally correct conduct is important to us – detailed reports help us ensure this!

As a public company, ASFINAG has a major function to fulfil as a role model. It is therefore especially important to us to comply with the legal framework while carrying out our tasks.

Our whistleblower protection system serves to allow anonymous and confidential reporting of potential legal violations. This applies to legal violations that persons have become aware of due to their professional links to ASFINAG. The system is intended to support us in efficiently investigating such situations and, where necessary, implementing follow-up measures.

BKMS® System is a special internet-based application that allows employees, customers or third parties to report suspected cases at any time. You can either submit your information by using your name or completely anonymously. However, we would like to ask you to set up a secured postbox after finishing the report, by means of which you can communicate with us anonymously. In this manner, you can actively assist with the processing of reports. We treat your information with utmost confidentiality. The further handling of the report shall take place on the basis of our clear internal rules and processes.

This whistleblowing system may not be used to knowingly submit false or malicious statements or information. Reports that unjustly defame other persons can give rise to consequences under civil or criminal law.

BKMS® System has been established to receive information on unlawful acts. Please communicate reports that relate to other subject areas or any emergency calls by using other methods.

Thank you for your support!

Why should I submit a report?
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