Successful cartel prosecution benefits the economy, companies and consumers!

Illegal cartels, which primarily include pricing agreements, quota agreements and the dividing up of markets between competitors, harm companies and the community as a whole. They always have the effect of driving up prices and are therefore highly damaging to the economy and society. In addition, they hamper free economic activity. Likewise, the hope that they can tackle economic problems and secure jobs is illusory. On the contrary: sustainable growth and long-term secure jobs are only created by having competitive companies!

By providing information you can help to take action against illegal agreements and break up cartels!

Combating illegal cartels is a key task in which the Bundeskartellamt has achieved considerable success in recent years. Help us with it! With your assistance we can expose illegal agreements and cartels at an early stage and combat them effectively! Perhaps you have special or insider knowledge of illegal agreements but are reluctant to pass this information on for fear of reprisals or negative consequences. If so, a standardised whistleblowing system is provided for you here which guarantees absolute anonymity. The protection of your anonymity by this system is certified by a publicly appointed and sworn expert. There is no technical possibility of tracing a report that you have submitted back to you as long as you do not enter any data which allows conclusions to be drawn about your identity. Further information about the whistleblowing system can be found on the internet at www.business-keeper.com.

How does an anonymous report work?
Which reports are helpful to the Bundeskartellamt?
How do I obtain a reply whilst preserving my anonymity?