One of our corporate principles is: "We comply with applicable laws and internal guidelines" (compliance). Acting in compliance with the law allows you to confide in us. Hence, compliance is an important element of the sustained success of our company.

For this reason it is important to us to target and counteract possible misconduct as early as possible. We achieve this, on the one hand, by possible misconduct being reported to us. On the other hand, we offer you the opportunity to obtain advice on compliance-related matters affecting the company.

To report such incidents, this online reporting system has been implemented. Whether you report a concern or seek advice: the matter will be treated strictly confidential.

Please use this online reporting system responsibly. It must not be misused to denounce other people. We would like to ask you to only forward information that you consider correct to the best of your knowledge and belief.

The online reporting system was set up for reporting concerns about potential incidents of non-compliance. Please note that other matters cannot be accepted through this system.

Those options available in addition to this online reporting system to report issues or seek advice (e.g. compliance officer) will remain in place.

Why should I submit a report?
Which issues can be addressed through the online reporting system?
What is the process for reporting a concern or asking a question, how do I set up a postbox?
When and how will I receive feedback?
How will my data be protected when using the online reporting system?