Fraport AG

Please help us to ensure Compliance and Integrity!

Fraport successfully manages and operates airports across the world while also acting as a provider of related services. Ensuring integrity in all business processes is a substantial prerequisite for our success.

Our employees are obliged to observe all current laws and internal guidelines. If violations occur, however, we are interested in receiving reports on this kind of misconduct. We are grateful for every information provided by employees, customers, suppliers and business partners that helps to identify and rectify such irregularities.

Whistleblowers reporting actual or suspected violations are in no way "informers" but help to ensure the integrity in our business processes - and, as a result, our success as airport managers. Please give us your support. Your help matters!

What kind of reports should I submit?
How do I submit a report?
How will my report be dealt with?
How do you ensure my anonymity?
Is it also possible to submit reports to a specific person of contact?
Do I have to fear reprisals if I include my name in the report?