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Please help us to ensure Compliance and Integrity!

Fraport AG successfully manages and operates airports across the world while also acting as a provider of related services. Ensuring integrity in all business processes is a substantial prerequisite for our success. Its basis consists not only of our values but also of the Code of Conduct for Employees and the Supplier Code of Conduct, as both codes define and determine our actions.
The employees of Fraport AG are obliged to observe all current laws and internal guidelines. If violations occur, however, we are interested in receiving reports on this kind of misconduct. We are grateful for every information provided by employees, customers, suppliers and business partners that helps to identify and rectify such irregularities. It is the only way to prevent economic disadvantage and reputational damage for our company.

Whistleblowers reporting actual or suspected violations are in no way "informers" but help to ensure the integrity in our business processes - and, as a result, our success as airport managers. Please give us your support. Your help matters!

If you would like to send your first report, please click here:
If you have already set up a postbox, you may login here:
  • What kind of reports should I submit?

    We are interested in receiving reports on legal offences or substantial violations of internal rules. In particular these include incidents with potential negative consequences for the safety, security, property or reputation of Fraport AG or with potential criminal consequences. During the process of submitting a report you will receive detailed information on possible categories of a report.

    In order to process your report successfully, we need as much precise and detailed information as possible:

    • What happened? What are the precise facts of the situation?
    • When or during which period of time did the compliance violation occur?
    • Which persons (name, first name) and/or departments and/or business partners (full name of company) are involved?
    • Who already received information about the incident?

    We recommend that you set up a secured postbox in order to enable secure communication with us. For us, it is the only way to ask for additional information. This facilitates the clarification of your report considerably, while still ensuring your anonymity.

    Please keep in mind that your report can result in decisions that have consequences for colleagues or business partners. Therefore we ask you to give us only such information that is in the best of your knowledge and belief.

    We explicitly do not want reports accusing employees with evil intent and against better knowledge. If the sole purpose of a report obviously is to harm or disparage other persons, it will not be processed but can result in civil and criminal penalties.

  • How do I submit a report?

    If you want to submit a report, please press the button "Submit report" on the upper left of our introduction page.
    The process includes four steps:

    1. First you are asked to read information about the protection of your anonymity, and to answer a security query.
    2. On the following page you are asked about the subject rsp. the category of your report (which kind of non-compliance do you suspect?).
    3. On the next page you may write down your report in your own words and answer questions about the case by choosing from a drop down menu. You can use up to 4,096 characters for the free text which corresponds with a full text page (DIN A4). As an attachment to your report you may also upload files (up to 5 MB). After sending your report you will receive a reference number to prove that you have sent this report.
    4. After that we recommend you to set up your own secured postbox. Via this postbox you will be able to receive our feedback, answer additional questions and get information on the progress of our investigation.

    Please consider if it would make sense to write down your report even before logging in, and to copy the text into the input box. It is also advisable to prepare potential attachments such as pdf files beforehand.

    If you already have a secured postbox you can access it directly via the button "Login". You will have to answer a security query here as well.
    As long as you do not enter data that could reveal your identity, the BKMS® System technically protects your anonymity.

  • How will my report be dealt with?
    Your report is transmitted directly to the Compliance Office of Fraport AG. If the report is plausible and contains information on legal offences or substantial violations of internal regulations, we will investigate the case. We will try to clarify the case and stop any possible irregularities. Setting up a secured postbox makes it considerably easier to investigate your report as we are able to ask you for additional information, if necessary.
    As a rule, the examination of the situation is carried out by the Fraport Compliance Office. We will call on other internal and/or external parties (e.g. Internal Auditing, law firms) only if needed. The respective superiors are usually informed about the report and our investigation. We will always keep the number of involved persons as small as possible. Information will be passed on only if necessary, and in accordance with the relevant laws on data protection.

    If you have set up a postbox, you will receive feedback about the current status quo and the result of our investigations.

  • How do you ensure my anonymity?

    The primary principle of the BKMS® System is to protect the identity of the whistleblower. The technical protection of your anonymity by this system is certified.
    You choose your own pseudonym/user name and password to set up your postbox. Encryption and other special security measures ensure the anonymity of your report at all times. At no point during your submission of a report you will have to supply private data. If you want to stay anonymous, do not give information that could reveal your identity.

    The person responsible for your report will contact you via your secured postbox in order to keep you updated about the state of processing. He will also ask further questions if certain issues need to be clarified. Also during this procedure, your anonymity will be ensured at all times. We are interested in your report in order to prevent harm and not to gain information about your identity.

  • Is it also possible to submit reports to a specific person of contact?

    In accordance with the culture of trust fostered by the Fraport Group we always recommend first to submit reports to your direct superior.
    However, if you want to discuss your report personally while maintaining your anonymity towards Fraport you may also contact our external ombudswoman, Annette Parsch, Attorney at Law, specialized in criminal law. In this case, your anonymity as a whistleblower is protected by the attorney's obligation to secrecy (also towards Fraport).

    The ombudswoman acts as a trusted contact person for all employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners of Fraport AG or our Group companies. Her primary task is to accept, document and legally examine reports concerning corruptive actions or actions otherwise illegal and damaging to the company.

    Mrs. Parsch can be reached directly under telephone number 0800 / 123 0 125 or fax number 0800 / 123 0 126 as well as by email at parsch@ombudsfrau-parsch.de.

    For more information on her function and the process of trusting cooperation please visit Mrs. Parsch's website: www.ombudsfrau-parsch.de.