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Our whistleblowing system is designed for individuals inside and outside the Wacker Neuson Group who wish to report significant violations of applicable laws, our Code of Conduct or other company policies, particularly regarding illegal business practices, violations of environmental laws or human rights violations in the group’s business operations or in the supply chain.

Lawful conduct and integrity is the foundation of the Wacker Neuson Group’s success. For this reason, the purpose of this whistleblowing system is to uncover and prevent significant violations of laws and rules, which may lead to significant damage for the Wacker Neuson Group or its employees, customers or other affected third parties. For this reason, any information you wish to submit through this portal should relate to serious compliance violations. Our whistleblowing system is not an emergency number. Issues such as customer inquiries or complaints also cannot be submitted here.

Whistleblowers are not informers. Rather, as individuals without any selfish motives, they protect the company and its employees, as well as people who are potentially affected by human rights or environmental violations in the Wacker Neuson Group’s supply chain, from being disadvantaged. You can address critical topics openly and without any fear of reprisals here.

Information received via this whistleblowing system is treated as strictly confidential. We want to effectively protect you as a whistleblower and offer you a communication platform secured with the latest technologies to facilitate the submission of (anonymous) reports. You can find out more about how personal data in your report will be processed on the left-hand side of this page under “Information on data protection”.

As an internal employee of the Wacker Neuson Group, please approach trust counsel in your immediate work environment with your concerns if possible. However, if you have reservations about this direct path, or if you have already discussed your concern with a trust counsel, but this has not had any effect, this central whistleblowing system is the appropriate channel for ensuring that your case will receive the necessary attention.

Here, you can provide corresponding information by giving your name, or, should this not be possible, you can also do this anonymously. If you set up a postbox, we can contact you with any questions without having to find out your identity.

If you wish to have an in-person meeting, please indicate this when you submit your report but also create a postbox since we need this to contact you.

When submitting your report, please also bear in mind that submitting information about others may lead to us making decisions that will have consequences for the affected parties. We therefore ask that you only submit information that is correct to the best of your knowledge and in good conscience. As long as you, as a whistleblower, had reasonable grounds to believe that the information reported was true at the time you reported it, you will be protected from any disadvantages as a result of your report, and any attempt at retaliation or reprisal would in itself be considered a serious breach of regulations.

Misuse of this system or the deliberate submission of incorrect reports is excluded from this and expressly prohibited and will have personal consequences.

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