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Providing information – confidential, worldwide and around the clock

The Wacker Neuson company values of innovation, quality, performance and character also include the commitment to integrity and law-abidance. Lawful business conduct serves to protect the company against legal consequences, economic disadvantages and loss of reputation, and thus sustainable business success is secured!

To ensure that these values remain in place, Wacker Neuson has created transparent processes which guarantee that compliance violations are recognised, cleared up and no longer occur in future.

If you have any knowledge on illegal conduct, you can inform us about it in this whistleblower system. Apart from the first responsible superior, the (regional) compliance officer and other persons in a position of trust, the whistleblower system offers an additional communication channel to draw attention to a serious case of misconduct in connection with the Wacker Neuson group. Here you have the opportunity of providing corresponding information by providing your name, or, should this not be possible, also anonymously.

The whistleblower system is available both for the employees of the Wacker Neuson group, as well as business partners, customers and other third parties with whom we have business contacts.

Whistleblowers are not denunciators. Rather, being without any egoistical motives, they protect the company and the people working within it against disadvantages. Please bear in mind that the corresponding information can have far-reaching impacts for the persons affected. For this reason, a whistleblower must be convinced that his/her information is correct and he/she is acting according to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. Abusive use of this system or the deliberate provision of incorrect information is expressly prohibited and will have personal consequences.

The purpose of this whistleblower system is to uncover and avoid grave violations of laws and rules, which can lead to significant damage for the Wacker Neuson group. For this reason, the information that is to be provided here refers to serious compliance violations.

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