Hotelbeds Holding SLU
Please note that this channel is for reporting serious concerns about suspected misconduct, illegal acts, or failure to act in accordance with the law or Hotelbeds corporate policies. It is not for customer service complaints. If complaints outside the scope of the channel are received, they will not be subject to review by the Compliance team.

If you are a traveler, we kindly inform you that Hotelbeds is a business-to-business company and ask you to contact the travel agency or booking platform that you booked with - as we will not be able to assist with any direct enquiries.
If you still would like to get in touch, please send your request to including your contact information, the booking reference number, travel dates and traveler name.

Hotelbeds - Compliance & Ethics Helpline - Do the right thing

We are committed to having open lines of communication with our employees and expect them to work to the highest ethical standards. In our Code of Conduct we have therefore set out a framework around how we work together to deliver our products and services globally. This provides clarity to employees and everyone we deal with about how to do business responsibly.

If one of our employees, contractors or suppliers makes a poor choice, acts unethically or makes a non-compliant business decision, everyone is affected by it.

If you have concerns about non-compliance with the Hotelbeds Code of Conduct, laws or regulations, have an ethical dilemma or just need advice, but don't feel comfortable speaking to someone within the company, you can use this Compliance & Ethics Helpline.

The helpline is completely confidential and there is no possibility of your details being stored by the application if you have chosen to report information anonymously so please be reassured by this and also by the fact that there will be no reprisals against anyone using it.

When should I use the Compliance & Ethics Helpline?
What sort of reports will help your organisation?
What is the process for submitting a report? How do I set up a postbox?
How do I receive feedback and remain anonymous at the same time?