Syntegon Technology GmbH

Welcome to the reporting channel for compliance and data protection violations, and for infringements of human rights or environmental interests in the supply chain

The topic of compliance concerns all employees because everyone is affected by violations, whether directly or indirectly: On the one hand, legal violations can result in criminal prosecution of individuals, depending on the type and severity. On the other hand, violations of the compliance rules of the company can result in material damages and harm the public image of the Syntegon Group.

Compliance also involves cooperation between Syntegon and third parties: Syntegon does not wish to become entangled in compliance violations of third parties that violate its own policies.

Protecting your personal data is also very important to us. If you have information about a data protection violation at the Syntegon Group, we ask that your submit a report. We will investigate your report immediately in accordance with our legal obligations. We therefore ask that you submit a report even if you are uncertain whether a data protection violation actually occurred.

You can also submit a request here as a data subject. In order to process your data subject request promptly and securely, we ask that you provide specific information in the next step about your request and the legal entity and region involved.

Naturally, the information provided in this way will be treated confidentially. This reporting channel is available both to employees of the Syntegon Group and to third parties.

You can use this site to submit any of the following:

  • Compliance violation report,
  • Infringement of human rights or environmental interests in the supply chain report,
  • Data protection violation report,
  • Data subject request.
What is the process for submitting a report? How do I set up a postbox?
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