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Malpractice at Lenzing concerns all of us!

Our culture of compliance (with laws and regulations) is based on a culture of values that is lived in practice and the promotion of individual responsibility held by the members of our team, which goes beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations.
This also includes the mutual prevention of and fight against violations that can harm our company and, in turn, each of us.

Team members are often aware of such violations, but they are afraid of sharing their knowledge because they fear repercussions: what if the own supervisor or the employee in the office opposite one's own is involved? Or: What impression do I leave by pointing out the corrupt behaviour of a “competitor”? Will anyone even believe me and look into my report?
If you have any such concern, you can submit your report anonymously here (but you can also state your name, if you wish). By providing this especially secured communication platform, Lenzing allows you to protect yourself through anonymity while simultaneously make an active contribution to the recognition and solving of behaviour that breaks laws or disregards regulations. Whistleblowers who open a secured postbox after submitting their report signal that they are willing to answer questions.
With your help, illegitimate activity can be discovered early on, perpetrators can be caught and further damage can be prevented.

Whistleblowers who report potential malpractice for a good reason are not denunciators. They make a significant contribution to the preservation of our reputation and market position. Please bear in mind that any information you provide about third parties can lead to decisions that will have consequences for the people involved. Only submit information that is correct and complete to the best of your knowledge.

Please note that the Lenzing BKMS® System is not an emergency system. It must not be used for general complaints about your own job or your treatment at work.

Thank you for your support!

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