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The “PHOENIX CONTACT” whistleblowing system

In our business relations we rely on cooperative and trustful interaction as a basis for a successful continued partnership. Compliance with legal, social and corporate rules is the highest priority for PHOENIX CONTACT. We expect not only our employees but also our business partners to adhere to these standards. Our understanding of the guiding principle of the PHOENIX CONTACT Group is incorporated in our Code of Conduct.

Perhaps you are aware of damaging behaviour or risks that endanger the company. Your reports allow us to counteract malpractice, violations and hazards to our business activities at an early stage in order to prevent or, at least, limit damage to our company, employees and business partners, thus ensuring the lasting success of our company and continued existence of the jobs it provides.

We have established this channel of communication to facilitate the submission of reports about suspected or potential violations of legal or internal regulations. We welcome reports submitted not only by our employees but also our customers, suppliers and other third parties.

Thank you for your support!

Frank Stührenberg (CEO)

If you would like to send your first report, please click here:
If you have already set up a postbox, you may login here:
  • Why should I submit a report?

    Compliance with statutory, social and company-internal rules is part of a positive and open company culture.

    Perhaps you are aware of damaging behaviour or risks that endanger the company. Your report will help to expose financial losses and image damage in a timely manner, and you will ensure the sustainable success of the company and the continued availability of jobs!

  • What sort of reports will help your organisation?

    Reports about violations of legal and internal regulations will be recorded and forwarded.

    You will receive detailed information on the possible categories of a report during the reporting process.

  • How do I receive feedback and remain anonymous at the same time?

    The overriding principle of the BKMS® procedure in use is the protection of the whistleblower. The system's anonymity protection function is certified by an independent body.

    When setting up your secured postbox, please select your own pseudonym/user name and password. Your report is kept anonymous through encryption and other specialised security measures. As long as you do not enter any data revealing personal information, the technology of the BKMS® Incident Reporting will protect you. Please do not use a computer provided by your employer to submit your report.

    Via the secured postbox, an attorney acting on behalf of PHOENIX CONTACT and bound by law to a professional obligation to maintain confidentiality will give you feedback about the further processing of your information or ask you questions if some details are still unclear – you remain anonymous throughout the dialogue. Upon consultation with you, the transmitted information will be forwarded to the PHOENIX CONTACT corporate compliance management under full protection of your anonymity and examined thoroughly in order to determine further action.

    All technical tools for confidential communication are provided by Business Keeper AG. Business Keeper AG does not have access to the received reports. Initially, your report will only be read by the authorised attorney acting on behalf of PHOENIX CONTACT.

  • What is the process for submitting a report using a postbox?

    To submit an anonymous or a personalized report, start by clicking the “Submit Report” button located on the top left side of our introduction page.

    There are 4 steps to the reporting process:

    1. First, you will be asked to read some information on the protection of your anonymity and to respond to a security query.
    2. On the following page, you will be asked about the category of your report.
    3. On the report page, you can elaborate on your report in your own words and answer questions about the incident by simply selecting responses. You can type up to 4,096 characters into the free text field which corresponds to a full A4 page. You may also submit a file of up to 5MB to support your report. Please do bear in mind that documents can contain information about the author. Following the sending of your report, you will receive a reference number as confirmation that you have forwarded this report.
    4. Please subsequently set up your own secured postbox. You will receive feedback from us via this postbox, including answers to questions and information about the progress of your report.

    If you already have a secured postbox, you can access it directly via the ”Login“ button. First, you will have to answer a security query.

    As long as you do not enter any data revealing personal information, such as your function, age or address, the technology of the BKMS® Incident Reporting will protect your anonymity.
    We are only interested in the incident you are reporting. Malpractices should be revealed and losses prevented.