Speak up!

You want to report a violation. The following pages provide a technical area which only you and the GRC Investigation Office can access for submitting a report. You can submit your information to TRATON SE's Investigation Office in confidence. Your report will be handled by a team of specialized and experienced lawyers.

Integrity, together with compliance with laws and regulations, are top priorities for the TRATON GROUP. Against this background, we value an open corporate culture. The good reputation of the Group and its brands, for the trust of its customers and business partners, the well-being of its employees as well as of sustainable economic success, which should not be undermined by the risk of significant financial losses from fines, seizure of profit and liability for damages, or criminal prosecution. In order to preserve integrity within the TRATON GROUP and to prevent possible damages it is important, to become aware of regulatory violations. Therefore TRATON SE provides this whistleblower portal to its employees, but also to its customers, suppliers and other business partner, to report possible serious regulatory violations.

This whistleblower portal serves for the identification and avoidance of major risks for the company. For this reason, only notifications referring to severe regulatory violations are accepted and processed here; particularly those involving criminal business activity (e.g. acts of corruption), antitrust violations and data protection breaches.

Certainly, we prefer an open communication about the reported facts and welcome it, if you provide us with your name. A direct and trustful exchange thus is ensured in an uncomplicated way. However, we remind you that, under certain conditions, we are required by law to disclose your identity to third parties. We therefore respect your decision if you do not want to provide us your name at first. In this case, please set up a special secured postbox in order to communicate with us - also anonymously. This is important because questions often arise in the course of processing which we will need your help to clarify, and which may be crucial for further action.

The TRATON GROUP is committed to protecting whistleblowers. We do not tolerate any bullying or discrimination against whistleblowers. Then again, for the suspected person the presumption of innocence applies. Investigations are carried out in a fair, neutral and objective way.

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