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Speak up!

You want to report a violation. The following pages provide a technical area which only you and the GRC Investigation Office can access for submitting a report. You can submit your information to TRATON SE's Investigation Office in confidence. Your report will be handled by a team of specialized and experienced lawyers.

Integrity, together with compliance with laws and regulations, are top priorities for the TRATON GROUP. Against this background, we value an open corporate culture. The good reputation of the Group and its brands, for the trust of its customers and business partners, the well-being of its employees as well as of sustainable economic success, which should not be undermined by the risk of significant financial losses from fines, seizure of profit and liability for damages, or criminal prosecution. In order to preserve integrity within the TRATON GROUP and to prevent possible damages it is important, to become aware of regulatory violations. Therefore TRATON SE provides this whistleblower portal to its employees, but also to its customers, suppliers and other business partner, to report possible serious regulatory violations.

This whistleblower portal serves for the identification and avoidance of major risks for the company. For this reason, only notifications referring to severe regulatory violations are accepted and processed here; particularly those involving criminal business activity (e.g. acts of corruption), antitrust violations and data protection breaches.

Certainly, we prefer an open communication about the reported facts and welcome it, if you provide us with your name. A direct and trustful exchange thus is ensured in an uncomplicated way. However, we remind you that, under certain conditions, we are required by law to disclose your identity to third parties. We therefore respect your decision if you do not want to provide us your name at first. In this case, please set up a special secured postbox in order to communicate with us - also anonymously. This is important because questions often arise in the course of processing which we will need your help to clarify, and which may be crucial for further action.

The TRATON GROUP is committed to protecting whistleblowers. We do not tolerate any bullying or discrimination against whistleblowers. Then again, for the suspected person the presumption of innocence applies. Investigations are carried out in a fair, neutral and objective way.

If you would like to send your first report, please click here:
If you have already set up a postbox, you may login here:
  • How can I help with my report?

    You might have knowledge of specific compliance risks that could pose problems for our company. Your report allows us to discover such risks early and prevent possible financial losses and damage to the reputation of TRATON and third parties.

    Regulatory violations damage the company, and individual misconduct comes at a price for the entire workforce. TRATON GROUP'S good reputation and the trust of our customers and business partners are all based on integrity and compliance with legislation and regulations. At the same time, compliance has a considerable impact on the wellbeing of the company's employees and on achieving long-term economic success.

    Everyone must play their part in achieving this, and in recognizing any legal or regulatory violations as quickly as possible, and ensuring that they are rectified or punished. We are reliant on your willingness to report possible irregularities and regulatory violations wherever reasonable suspicion exists. It is vital to ensure that our company is able to investigate such reports in a rapid and objective way, which should not be undermined by the risk of significant financial losses from fines, seizure of profit and liability for damages, or criminal prosecution.

  • What can I report on the whistleblower portal?

    You can submit a report that refers to possible severe regulatory violations in the area of criminal business activity (e.g. acts of corruption), antitrust violations or data protection breaches.

    Additional information on which topics can be addressed on the whistleblower portal is provided during the reporting process.

    Please note that criminal acts that are not business crimes (e.g. murder, theft, extortion, physical assault) will not be considered or processed on the whistleblower portal. The same applies with regard to general labour law issues (e.g. harassment). In event of general labour-related issues, we ask that you address your concerns to the competent offices at the company, such as your supervisor, the Human Resources department or the local Compliance Officer.

    The whistleblower portal is also not suitable for signaling emergencies. We therefore ask that you use the familiar emergency communication channels in event of an emergency.

  • What is the process for submitting a report? How do I set up a postbox?

    To submit a report in your name or anonymously, start by clicking the “Submit Report” button located on the top left of our introduction page.

    There are 4 steps to the reporting process:

    • First, you will be asked to read an information text about protecting your anonymity and then to respond to a security query.
    • On the following page, you will be asked about the category of your report.
    • On the report page, you can provide the information about the incident by describing it in your own words and answer general questions about the incident by simply selecting responses. In the free text field, you can write 5,000 characters, which corresponds to a full DIN A4 page. You may also upload a file of up to 5 MB to supplement your report. Please remember that documents can contain information about the author. After submitting your report, you will receive a reference number as confirmation that the report has been submitted successfully.
    • Following the submission, please set up your own, secured postbox. You will receive responses from us via this postbox, you could answer to our questions and be kept up-to-date about the progress of your report.

    If you already have set-up a secured postbox, click the “Login” button to access your postbox directly. Here as well, you will have to answer a security query first.

    As long as you do not enter any data that could reveal your identity, the technology of the BKMS® Incident Reporting will protect your anonymity.

    We assure you that we are only interested in the incident you are reporting and not your identity as a whistleblower. The aim is to discover any misconduct and prevent financial losses.

    We kindly ask you to check your postbox regularly. Via this postbox, we will send you the confirmation for the report and, if necessary, ask questions that are important to solve the case.

  • How do I receive feedback and remain anonymous at the same time?

    Protection of the whistleblower is the overriding principle of the BKMS® process used here. The anonymity protection function has been certified independently and you may verify it at any time.

    When setting up your secured postbox, you select your pseudonym/ user name and password yourself. Your report is anonymized using encryption and other special security measures. At no point in the reporting process you will be asked for personal details. As long as you do not enter any data that could reveal your identity, the BKMS® Incident Reporting protects your anonymity from a technical perspective.

    Using a public PC (e.g. at an Internet café), can further improve your anonymity.

    An examiner will provide feedback via the secured postbox as to what is happening with your report or will ask you questions if details are still unclear. You also remain anonymous during the dialogue. We are interested in reports, which help us to avert damages, not in your identity as a whistleblower.

  • What does protection of the whistleblower and affected parties entail?

    Whistleblowers are protected. Statements made by the whistleblower are handled confidentially. Your identity will not be disclosed if you wish so, and insofar as this is permitted by law. Discrimination or harassment of whistleblowers and reprisals against whistleblowers will not be tolerated and may be punished by law. Whistleblowers should disclose their identity in order to allow questions which may be useful for any investigations. If you request that your identity is not shared with other offices in the TRATON GROUP, this will be guaranteed. Anonymous reports are also possible – unless expressly prohibited by applicable law.

    The principle of fairness also applies to the person who is suspected of the violation, and the suspected violation must be handled carefully. The principle of the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise always applies, and investigators will look for circumstances that may exonerate the suspect. However, the punishment of legal infringements follows the principle of proportionality and takes into account the gravity of the violation and the employee's previous merits, their responsibility within the TRATON GROUP, and the other circumstances of the individual case. Anyone who falsely accuses another person of a regulatory violation is also committing a violation, which will be investigated and punished as required.

    If the investigation finds no evidence of a regulatory violation, the person suspected of the violation can request assistance with clarifying the situation in his/her working environment in an appropriate and adequate fashion, in order to avert any damage to his/her reputation.