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Compliance – Speak up!

Oilinvest Group (which includes TAMOIL and Holborn group companies) promotes a reputation for high performance and quality in order to strengthen the trust placed in the Oilinvest Group by employees, shareholders and business partners. Honesty and integrity, conducting our business in compliance with the applicable laws are therefore of the highest priority at Oilinvest Group.

In order to maintain the integrity of Oilinvest Group and avert possible damaging situations, Oilinvest Group focuses on identifying compliance violations. Since Oilinvest Group values an open company culture, every employee and outside party who is aware of compliance risks is encouraged to confide the situation to an appropriate contact within the company, such as a supervisor, the human resources department or the local compliance officer.

In addition, Oilinvest Group offers its employees as well as its customers, suppliers and other business partners a secure whistleblower portal for providing information on possible severe compliance violations. This allows safe and confidential sharing and handling of such information at any time and from anywhere in the world. Submitted notifications are forwarded to the relevant compliance officer of Oilinvest Group, which is responsible for further confidential processing of the notification.

The whistleblower portal serves for the identification and avoidance of major risks for the company. For this reason, only notifications referring to severe compliance violations are accepted and processed here, particularly those involving criminal business activity (e.g. acts of corruption), antitrust violations and data protection breaches.

Making accusations against a person can result in serious consequences for that person. The whistleblower portal should therefore only be used responsibly. Reporters are requested only to share information that they are convinced is accurate, acting in good faith and to the best of their knowledge. Knowingly submitting false information can result in prosecution under criminal and labor laws.

In the interests of improved readability, the text on this portal uses only masculine pronouns, where applicable. Please understand that no discrimination of gender is intended by this in any way.

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