ARVOS Holding GmbH

Don't give white-collar crime a chance!

Our value management is based on a lived value culture in which excellence plays a central role on all levels and in all processes. To this end, we strengthen the sense of personal responsibility of our staff members and managers. We consider integrity and lawful behavior to have top priority.

To preserve our integrity and be able to avert potential damage, we are very interested to learn of compliance violations. Considering that we attach importance to an open corporate culture, every staff member and external third party is encouraged, should they learn of compliance risks, to approach defined persons within the company, such as superiors, the HR department or the compliance officer.

Moreover we have decided to supplement our communication channels with the BKMS® System (Business Keeper Monitoring System). This Internet-based application enables staff members, clients and third parties to report, for reasons of ethical responsibility or owing to a moral conflict, acts of white-collar crime and actions damaging to the company around the clock, with the option of preserving their anonymity.

Information provided via the BKMS® System is received and processed by an ombudsperson bound to professional secrecy and only in the event of consent of the information provider forwarded to the ARVOS Group compliance officer, depending on the provider's wish with or without disclosing his identity.

The whistleblower portal serves to identify and avoid significant risks for the company. For this reason only information relating to serious compliance violations, particularly in the area of white-collar crime (e.g. corruption offences), antitrust law and data protection, shall be accepted and processed here.

Informers are obliged to only communicate information of whose accuracy they are convinced to the best of their knowledge and belief.

NB: To aid readability, no distinction is made in the portal between genders e.g., regarding staff members. This applies to both “staff member” and “informer”. No discrimination is intended.

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