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Ensuring compliance and integrity together – with your support!

Courage, passion and integrity: these values form the foundation of our everyday work at the Vaillant Group. They are also fundamental to our vision “Taking care of a better climate” and essential in shaping our corporate culture. Furthermore, observing and strengthening human rights is a fundamental part of our corporate ethos.

Compliance, i.e. adherence to legal requirements and company regulations, is an essential part of integrity. Through employees, suppliers and clients adhering to such principles, we are able to avoid breaches of internal rules and laws and can therefore help to avoid financial damage, liability risks and negative reports in the media.

Should you experience or suspect any kind of breaches of laws and/or internal rules as an employee of the Vaillant Group, we ask that you please consider to first inform members of staff in your immediate work environment such as your superiors or the HR or legal department.

Your local Compliance officer is also at your disposal. Alternatively, you can raise requests directly with the Head of Group Compliance. You can find a list with all contacts on the homepage Compliance within the Group Compliance & Legal page.

If you believe that such a discussion is impractical or has been unsuccessful, you can also make use of this new whistleblower system. This system can be used to draw attention to misconduct within the company on related matters.

During the report entry process, you have the option of deciding whether your report should be forwarded to a local compliance department or to the Group's central compliance department.

The types of misconduct referred to here include white-collar crimes (e.g. corruption, theft, embezzlement, money laundering) as well as breaches of antitrust law or data privacy and violations of human rights / labour law. Notifications submitted via the whistleblower system can be made under your name or anonymously. Take a look at the FAQs on this site for further information. The system may not be used to provide knowingly false or slanderous notifications or information.

As Vaillant Group’s business partner, customer, supplier/supplier employee or any other third party, you are also able to report information - even anonymously - via the whistleblower system, should you become aware of any misconduct.

Please help the Vaillant Group to observe rules and laws and uphold the trust that our customers and suppliers place in us.

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