Merck KGaA, Group Compliance Office

Compliance – Speak Up

Dear whistleblower,

For us, doing business responsibly means: watching, listening, becoming better. We consider the interests of our employees, customers and stakeholders as well as society – this is how we ensure the success of our company. This is anchored within our company strategy and our code of conduct.

If you have concrete information that we are not living up to this standard and you have observed behaviours that violate the principles of our code of conduct, our internal rules or even laws, we ask that you share this information with us and actively assist in the investigation. Only this way is it possible for us to address problems in our company correctly and avert serious damage to the company and its employees.

You are therefore sincerely invited to report your concerns to us via this portal in writing or by telephone. If you wish to remain anonymous and do not want to share your contact information with us, we ask that you also set up a secured postbox and check it regularly. This will allow us to communicate with you in writing, ask additional questions that are essential for the investigation and inform you of the progress of the investigation.

Your protection as a whistleblower is very important to us, and we offer you here a communication platform for the submission of reports that is protected with the latest technologies. You will remain anonymous throughout all phases of the process, including during your dialogue with us, if you so desire.

We would like to thank you in advance for your assistance!

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