The observance of laws and regulations is a central aspect of our business conduct.

We conduct our business on the basis of a responsible approach that aims to create sustainable value and meet the needs and wishes of our customers. Compliance with statutory requirements and internal regulations is a matter of course. If any laws or regulations have been violated in spite of this, we want to investigate the matter and initiate appropriate measures.
In the ERGO Group, we strive for open and trustful communication with our customers, partners, service providers, suppliers and stakeholders and wish to address critical incidents and reports directly. In some situations, however, providing direct information is not possible or reasonable. For such cases, ERGO offers this system as an additional option.

When using this system, you, as the whistleblower, can select whether to direct your report to Compliance ERGO, the central ombudsperson at ERGO or – if mandated by law – to the respective (compliance) officer(s) at specific local companies, and your chosen party will then by responsible for the further processing of your report. Confidentiality and the protection of the whistleblower are of the highest priority and serve as the guiding principle of our whistleblowing system. All reports are handled according to a strict “need to know” principle.

You are free to submit reports completely anonymously via this system if you wish. You are not obliged to enter any data which allows for conclusions to be drawn about your identity at any stage of the reporting process.

Important: We urge whistleblowers to verify all information to the best of their knowledge. The deliberate submission of wrong information may result in criminal or civil penalties.

Who can submit a report?
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To whom can I direct my report?
How can I submit a report, and how do I set up a postbox?
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