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Integrity System

The GEA Group is dedicated to responsible and sustainable company management. Integrity and legally compliant behaviour are therefore of the highest priority at GEA. In order to prevent possible damage to the company, its employees, business partners, shareholders or other stakeholders, GEA is interested in learning about serious violations of laws or internal regulations at the company as early as possible. GEA values an open company culture. You should therefore generally take your concerns first in confidence to the competent offices in the company.

If you do not wish to take this path, GEA offers you an opportunity with this reporting system to alert us directly online to serious violations.

Please note that the Integrity System is not a general complaint tool. For this reason, it offers only selected report categories that represent major risks to the company, its employees and all other stakeholders. This includes the areas of corruption, fraud and breach of trust, money laundering and violations of antitrust and competition law, export control regulations, data privacy and accounting regulations. As an employer, GEA also feels responsible in the event of violations of the principles of social responsibility outlined in the Codes of Conduct. These cases therefore represent a separate report category.

Your report via this portal will be received by an external system of Business Keeper AG, Germany, which is independent of the GEA infrastructure. Only a restricted set of persons from the departments of Compliance, Internal Audit and Human Resources has access to your report according to their specific areas of competence and has the responsibility for processing your report in a confidential manner.

It is also possible to submit reports anonymously via this reporting system. Please only make use of this option in exceptional cases, in particular if you fear serious repercussions of a personal or professional nature. Due to differing data privacy regulations or ongoing consultancy proceedings with public authorities or employee representation bodies, it may be that the Integrity System will be accessible in some countries (such as France) a later point in time or will only be available in a limited functionality and without the option of giving anonymous reports.

Please note that false accusations can have serious consequences for those involved. We therefore expressly ask that you use this reporting system responsibly and only provide information that you are certain is true according to your best knowledge and belief. Knowingly submitting false information can result in prosecution under criminal and labour laws.

Thank you for your report and for your support.

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